tumblr we are not fucking doing this right now take a day off



Okay listen up! I don’t do this often, I understand that white people have a lot of privilege and I understand racism is a problem and I understand. I do. But shut the hell up. You can go on like that if you think that Robin Williams work never effected a person of a different race. Tell me little kids of every race never laughed at Flubber or Jumanji. Tell me that people of every color never thought or said that Genie was the funniest character in Aladdin. Tell me that no one of color was touched by his performance in Good Will Hunting or Dead Poets Society. If you can tell me that then you can go on about his death being white privilege. But you can’t tell me that so shut the hell up.

If you cannot respect the years he gave to touching lives and making people laugh with his talent than I can’t respect you. If you can’t respect his ability to make others laugh and make himself laugh and if you can’t respect him and his talent despite his race then you are the problem. Let me repeat that. If you cannot respect him because he just so happened to be white then you are part of the problem.

Shut up and take a day off Tumblr.

Put it into words better than I could. 
Seriously Tumblr social justice brats. Sit down and shut the fuck up. A great man, a wonderful comedian, and icon of my god damn childhood is dead today. I think its only right that one damn thing on this site remains untainted by bullshit please and thank you.

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It makes me want to cry even more because some people can actually put it into words. I’m trying not to fall out in front of my family while reading these. I feel alone and so do all of the others with this problem. I wish we were all together sometimes.